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🦠🦠🦠🦠COVID-19 🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠

Dear friend!  I ask you kindly please cancel the meeting with me if you feel UNWELL.  In turn, I can guarantee my perfect health when I meet and the absence of any symptoms of a cold / virus.  Let's take care of each other's health!  At the moment, the speed and spread of this problem depends on each of us.


Im stay “home” since beginning of March.


During the outbreak of coronavirus infection, I stop at VRBO HOUSES or MOTELS (because I’m scared public places and elevators) !!!  Who knows me for a long time and who met me, they know that I prefer to live in large beautiful houses, I prefer to spend time on the backyard and cook on my own.


And also I have a full trunk of my clothes and other things, therefore it is more convenient for me to have my own garage.  That is why for the past year now I have been renting VRBO places for my travels and meetings.


Please note that fearing a meeting in a VRBO home is stupid.  Yes, yes, there are such strange people!  I was always wondering why they consider visiting the hotel room a guarantee of security.  Then think for yourself what is really safe.  I really do not want to waste my opinion on every crazy person who starts asking me why I do not live in a hotel.  JUST DO NOT WANT.  I really hope that if this does not suit you, you simply will not begin to write to me.  And that’s all.


All my life I have been monitoring health, doing sports, leading a healthy and healthy lifestyle.  My height is 174cm, my clothing size is XS.  At the same time, I don’t sit on either diets or drugs :-) I just take care of myself and this is my rhythm of life.


I hate bars / clubs / parties with crowds.  I do not attend football / basketball and stuff.  I avoid places where a lot of people.  I do not like.  And during the time of the outbreak of the virus, I even refused to visit my favorite places, museums and zoos.


Thus, I, most likely, staying at home, have contact with a much smaller number of people than you :-) So for your part, to be afraid to visit me is at least unreasonable and stupid.  This is out of concern to visit VRBO houses.


In times of this "great silence," I suggest not letting each other die of boredom :-) real males should now have a sharpened desire for procreation, their body should work better than ever :)


Welcome to my territory, to this island of security!  Let's help each other not to die of hunger and boredom :-)))





Photographers and videographers from all cities!

I’m ready for TFP collaboration!


Email me please with LINK TO YOUR WEBSITE 


I never agree for photo/video shoot change to my services ❌ ABSOLUTELY NO. 

With any hints of sex, our communication will stop at any stage.

I am ready to cooperate ONLY on the TFP terms 💯💯💯



My Donations are NON NEGOTIABLE Donation should NOT be discussed during the phone conversation/email and our session. It should be put in UNnsealed envelope or post card in clear view prior to our modeling appointment and NOT handed directly to me. Please leave it in clear view and than you are encouraged to wash your hands . No attention should be directed towards the donation. I never discuss the upcoming process, my wishes and plans in a sexual way! Please do not ask me such questions. I am only sure that you will be pleasantly surprised and hardly forget our meeting😋



I'm always real!

Whatever I do, wherever I am, I am always there completely! I hate falsehood, you will never hear the words of flattery or deception from me. If I smile next to you, know, I'm really having fun!

No matter where you and I are in a restaurant, at a business lunch or in a museum, be sure, I will l

I am never vulgar!

No matter where you and I are in a restaurant, at a business lunch or in a museum, be sure, I will look appropriate and behave in a proper manner! You will see me as a depraved little cat only when we are alone with you.


I can make a company!

You can invite me to any place! I can play tennis, basketball, I love windsurfing. I can go with you anywhere, I am a versatile person! You will be interested with me everywhere



Are you worried about your security when choosing a provider?

In this case, you just need to become a user of p411. I have successfully used this website to meet with trusted customers for more than 3 years in different cities and countries. Before meeting with each provider, you need to provide information about yourself in order for them to agree to the meeting.  But this is not always safe!  You never know who will know about you and how you can take advantage of it. It's no secret that the Internet is full of fakes, your information may not be available to the beauty you see in the photo, but to someone else.

Once you register on the p411 website, you will get access to the same proven providers.  This resource is very concerned about reputation and becoming a member of this closed society is not so simple: you must provide some information about yourself, you must have confirmation from at least two p411 providers that you are a real client with whom providers can feel  safely.

On this resource, several tens of thousands of customers and providers have already registered.

Having gained access to the resource, since then you will not need to be tested by different providers.  And also you will know for sure that your request for a meeting will be received by none other than the very girl you want to meet.

This text is NOT an advertisement for the p411 website.  I just want to increase my security level by meeting with trusted customers.  I fully trust this resource and for 3 years I have not had any problems with this site or with clients from there.

I never request additional screening from a client, I just don’t spend time on it!  I know this client is approved by other providers.  Thus, I save my time and prepare for the meeting with peace of mind, I never expect any kind of dirty trick!  You know, this is very important.

If this resource flourishes, if there are more registered customers there, believe me, girls will no longer take the risk by putting their ads on other resources available to everyone.

If my words convince you, I will definitely speak as your referral and help you become a member of this closed community.  But!  I can give you a recommendation only after our meeting.

Just email me after our meeting and I’ll send you confirming link, inviting you to become a member.