You can trust me 🥰


Dear friend!

I ask you NOT IGNORE my questions about you!  I am not a lover of a dubious kind of adventure, I am not greedy.  Believe me, I will never meet a person whose I can’t identify! 

If I do not see a chance to find out who you are, the chances of meeting are equal to zero.  I am not interested in quantity, I am for quality!  I am not inclined to take risks and I prefer to have a chance to know a little about the person whom I am going to meet!

If you have referrals, you must send me links(!) for 2-3 girls! 1 it’s not enough for our meeting. 

I DO NOT FIT just the name of the girl and her phone number.  This is not reliable information for me.  A girl must have a verified profile on a serious resource (not created yesterday with a foot on a base site😂) 

Honestly, for me this is the most difficult and inconvenient way.  Too many girls do not consider it necessary to answer and help in such matters.  In addition, it often happens that their answers have to wait weeks.  At this time, I can not confirm our meeting and we will wait for their reply together.  A very bad screening method for me.

If you do not have social networks or referrals, you can confirm your identity by sending me your ID (hide number) + selfie.  One photo is required: your face+ your ID.

If you have any other ideas to identify your personality, I will be happy to consider alternative options.

I ask you to accept my rules and not insist on a meeting if you are not ready to part with your incognito status.  

This text is the rules and these rules are not subject to change!



Dear friend!  I think you managed to make sure of the absolute reality of my existence by subscribing to my social networks, seeing the amount of “OK” in my p411, or in other ways. 

Girls are different, and everyone has different methods and goals.  I would like to tell a little about my principles.

I ask you to write your phone number in my screening, But I give my word that I will NEVER bother you unless you give your consent.  I prefer not to give cell to anyone, communicating via email is much safer.  I receive a notification about new emails with lightning speed, I always reply as quickly as possible.  Therefore, there is no need to disturb each other with text messages. But!  If you are more comfortable writing the text, I will gladly support this idea if there is comprehensive information about you (after screening).

Why am I asking for a phone number in my screening?  Knowing the phone number, you can find a lot of useful information on Internet (if you know some secrets 😛) .  In 50% of cases, just a phone number + a true customer name is enough for the screening to be successful!  In such cases, I can even ignore the lack of other information.  But!  I repeat, in only 50% of cases this works.  If this does not work, I will ask you to carefully consider the remaining questions and answer them if you have a desire to see me.

Processing and saving personal information

I DO NOT SAVE any other information except a phone number, name and email.

I save a phone number only if we contacted him for our meeting.  In this case, it will be saved on my phone.  If all our correspondence was via email, I won’t have your phone number.

I promise you that I will NEVER call or text to you

after our meeting. I have no habit of disturbing, I do not congratulate on any holidays and do not propose to meet again :-) I never call drunk at night and do not write that I really miss :-)) You don’t have to change your phone number.  In this matter you can completely trust me

I will definitely keep your email!

Like many sources, I save emails.  Sometimes I send information about upcoming tours or inform that I have added new photos to my website.  I use mailing resource and mailing list only those clients who have passed the screening.  After receiving a message from me with the newsletter, be sure that you do not have to go through the screening again.  You just have to answer but my message with the newsletter and make an appointment :-) You are on the list of proxies.  I do not do newsletters every month!  Therefore, my newsletter will not become intrusive. If you have already passed the screening and decided to write to me in order to make an appointment, just remind me that you have already passed the screening.  I will check your email with my list, just remind me of that!

I do not discuss clients with other girls

I do not share any customer information with other people!  I do not share information with anyone for any purpose!  What is between us remains between us.  You can use my email as a referral to meet other girls, I will be happy to help you with this.  But for me it is forbidden to discuss the details of the meeting or other characteristics of the client!  I can only confirm the fact of our meeting, nothing but this.  I hate gossip and never answer similar questions from other providers.