Before you meet me

Dear men!  I have a very busy schedule, for this reason I do not have enough time for my social networks.  They say that a person always finds time for what is really interesting to him.  So, I’m not interested in the virtual world, because I enjoy my reality!

If you really want to see me, I ask you to abandon the attempts to “choose me” and think, “to take or not to take”. It's not about our wedding. This is just a meeting!  Therefore, I ask you to abandon attempts to find out details about my character, about my tattoos and preferences by email.  I beg you, do not waste my time on empty correspondence!  I am an open person and all this you can learn about me during a meeting!  

I ask you to understand and accept the fact that YOU first wrote me.  You got interested in me, my photos attracted you.  And I should not at all interest you again by email with my selfies and other satisfactions of your virtual fantasies.  Im discuss only about the details of the place, time and date of the meeting.  

If you go beyond all your questions, I’ll just stop answering.  Because I, first of all, value my time, my mood.  And if you take my brain out before the meeting, then I’m not ready to meet such a person.  I live for pleasure and do not need something that causes me discomfort!  I prefer real meetings with people with the same approach!  I'm sure that we will come off to the full.

I WILL NOT confirm the reality of my existence and the accuracy of my photos personally to every person who wrote to me.  If you expect this from the provider, then it will not be me.

 I ask you to verify the accuracy of my photos by comparing with my videos:

Please note that I am a verified member at many advertising sites.  And, most importantly, I am a member of p411.

 No other evidence will follow from me.  I ask you to agree with my rules if meeting with me is important for you!

 I am not interested in the virtual world, I do not sit on any forums and do not seek reviews about myself.  This is completely NOT INTERESTING to me!  Therefore, if it is so vital for you to find out someone’s very subjective opinion about me, I ask you to do it yourself without asking me questions.  I really don’t know where there are reviews about me and what they write about me!  For me, this is a completely stupid idea to write reviews.  And no less stupid, read them and trust them.  You have enough information about me to find reviews yourself.

I will explain my position on this issue.  All people are so DIFFERENT that it is simply incredibly stupid to rely on the opinion of virtual persons!  Each person has a different chemistry, different points of contact.  Someone falls in love with me, someone becomes my regular admirer, and someone believes that I am not worthy of a second meeting and there is nothing interesting in me.  That's all!  That's all these great reviews in a nutshell!

 Want to know how our meeting will go by reading other people's reviews?  I will answer you: there are never identical meetings!  We are all different.

 I am a very polite person, I am well educated, I have an excellent education and athletic achievements.  You can talk with me about politics, art, about everything in the world!  I am a passionate person, very temperamental.  If I don’t get enough sleep, I can be calm 😝 On the whole, our meeting will be more emotional than gentle and calm.

 I have a great sense of humor and a good sense of tact.  I will not put you in an awkward position, it will be cozy and comfortable with me.  I know how to be a friend and I understand that all people are different, I can easily find a common language with each person and there will be no pauses in our dialogue.

 I am sure that at least once I really need to see me) I'm interesting anyway.

 As for reviews on the Internet, I think this is a bad idea!  I NEVER WRITE anywhere about those people with whom I had a meeting!  I think these meetings are very intimate, and because of my mentality and upbringing, I believe that we need to keep each other's secrets!  I consider it vile and dirty to describe a person who invited you to his "world", talked to you heart to heart and so on.  Why do people write reviews?  I will never understand this!  Therefore, I ask you to protect me from this dirt, I am not interested.  I can only promise that I will never tell anyone about our meeting anywhere!  I will keep everything a secret and any information about you will be deleted immediately!  I do not save personal information, do not write reviews, do not sit on forums and do not gossip.  And I consider it worthy!  I would really like you to read this, understand me and not write anything about me.  Thank you in advance!

Each time I give a piece of myself, my soul.  I do not want trade and market relations.  When you meet you want sincerity, right?  But think it over.  Who wants to open up and be sincere, if then his secrets will be shared on a global scale?  I don’t want to be a bore, so I’ll end there.

If you agree to my rules, I will save all the most positive emotions for the moment when I open the door for you!

I wish you all a positive mood and the most positive and suitable people in your life!  I sincerely wish each of you all the very best!  

Looking forward to a warm meeting,